The One Percent Better Show

Episode 47: Understanding Motivation with Dr. Lisa Lewis

Episode Summary

In this episode Kim interviews Dr. Lisa Lewis, a licensed psychologist with a background in sports psychology. Dr. Lewis talks about how sports and strength training helped her in the classroom as she negotiated her struggles with dyslexia, and then she dives into some specific strategies you can use to negotiate self talk, and understand emotions when they come up in training. She also gives us a sneak peak into her upcoming class "Psych Skills for Fitness Pros."

Episode Notes

In episode 47, Kim interviews friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Lewis, a licensed psychologist based out of Boston. 

Currently Dr. Lewis serves as part time faculty at Northeastern University and teach classes including developmental psychology and abnormal psychology. She also runs her own business where she offers three types of consulting: she works as a traditional psychotherapist, does performance consultation, and also helps clients in a professional development setting. Some of the clients she works with present with mental health concerns, while others come to work toward a specific achievement, or to pursue personal, career, fitness, and athletic goals. 

In this episode, Dr. Lewis dives into the self-determination theory - which revolves around motivation and our basic psychological needs of autonomy, competency, and relatedness. She offers specific strategies to work through the negative self-talk which plagues many of us on a regular basis, and understanding how and when emotions might come up in our training. 

For more information about working with Dr. Lewis, please visit her website. 

For more information on her upcoming class "Psych Skills for Fitness Pros," click here. 

You can also find Dr. Lewis on Instagram under her handle @drlewisconsulting

Find the book "Spark" referenced in this episode here.